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Jason Dickson
The author of What If We Could Look up into the Sky and Witness Heaven in Real-Time?

A picture-perfect woman, Shari.

Delighted when I see her, very.

A voice of intelligent sweetness, a voice that should be heard.

She’s smart, funny, her presence is preferred.

Unfortunately, she sleeps more than the average person.

Awaiting to hear from her again sometimes can be such a burden.

But every moment with Shari I make sure I cherish.

She is a rarity, special, that I know for certain.

When she steps into a room everyone’s eyes are drawn her way.

I don’t think she even notices, they light up like a blaze.

I’m pretty confident that they adore her pretty…

At the age of 25, what were you doing with your life growing up? What did you watch on television? Who did you hang out with? What were your parents like? Why are you coming to an office job with your pants hanging off of your butt? Do you think you’re better than the rest of us? You don’t think you have to follow the rules? You’re wrong! Pull your pants up over your butt or you’re out of here!

Surely, if you put on a belt, you wouldn’t have to worry about your pants hanging off of your butt…

I have social anxiety and asked for a miracle

It was in high school when my classmates were confident, loud, popular, and well known and respected. It was in high school when I lost my voice, my confidence, my face and began my life as a loser. I only wanted everybody to go away so that I can feel less terrified. An empty hallway that I would walk through to an empty bathroom was everything to me. Skipping out on high school events, including my prom was a relief.

When most of the school was happy, joyful, and making and maintaining friends, I was happy doing not. My classmates…

Working as a contractor for Amazon Prime, the owner/management can be quite unorganized or careless. Going to work every day and experiencing a different van and route to go on every day can be quite challenging and unnecessary. If only the owner and his management crew can put together a better plan of attack we (as a team) can be more efficient.

Working for a contractor business for Amazon Prime for a couple of months thus far I’ve noticed efficiency issues with many of us. Instead of coming back to the station at a supposed time many of us are…

Recently, Jason Dickson, the great fiction, self-help, and poetry book writer published a fantastic short poem on overcoming an intense workday, titled, A Life of Challenges: Today Will Not Destroy Me. In his belief, it’s the most helpful book on the market for dealing with daily work challenges. Great! Who doesn’t like a confident writer? The book is fairly new, but we’re still asking if you’ve purchased your copy of the poem on Amazon. And if so, did it earn you a different method for approaching not only a tough workday but a challenging life. …

A group of individuals that share roughly the same IQ can thrive, shine, laugh and celebrate life together easily, not saying mixed IQ levels can’t. But a man mixed in with people whose IQ levels are way below his can be deprived of necessities and eaten alive only because of misunderstandings and envy.

A group that does not understand a new guy is likely to think negatively about the individual especially if they have tried to comprehend but continuously fail. …

In my past relationships with bad attitude driven women, I’ve had my share of jealousy. In my book, a woman who is envious of a man is a bit odd. It’s usually women being jealous of other women and men of other men. When I’m writing an ebook to make a better life for us and you’re indirectly attempting to keep me from writing a masterpiece (comments and purposeful distractions), I’m a little concerned. …

In Wilder vs. Fury 3, Wilder has a new fighting style that Fury hasn’t a clue. Wilder will be too much for Fury to handle. Well, that’s just part of why I think Wilder will win the fight.

This is a prediction of the outcome of the upcoming Wilder vs. Fury 3 fight on July 24, 2021, and why.

Wilder vs. Fury 2 ended with Fury losing by a TKO in the seventh round. It was a shocker. But in their third fight, there are a few factors that guarantee a Wilder victory.

  • Wilder won’t wear a 40 lb costume

Starting a new job, we may notice how fast and efficient the more experienced employees are working. Seeing how incredible these employees are working can be quite enticing, motivated you into feeling like you should work as fast and efficient or better. You’re right, but not in the beginning. Don’t rush efficiency until it’s the right time.

If you rush into being too good at your job too fast, you are destined for a slew of avoidable mistakes and a plethora of embarrassments.

As a 40-year-old man, who loves to work, I had many experiences in the work world. One…

I thought a dream girl was interested in me 🙁

A girl of my dreams showed up in my path, and throughout my time experiencing every moment with her, I fell in love. She was not my girlfriend or any form of significant other. She was a friend of a friend. Never did I feel so connected; never have I’ve been so attracted to a woman.

I managed to continue to act upon how I felt for her until it was revealed that she didn’t want anything to do with me. I’m not a stalker. If I feel like you are not interested in me, my obsession for you, if…

Jason Dickson

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