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Jason Dickson
The author of What If We Could Look up into the Sky and Witness Heaven in Real-Time?

Have you ever thought about earning some extra cash on the side? Surely you have, and starting your own little business from home is as easy as pie, in my opinion. If you own a house with a spacious front yard, you are in luck. There are at least five ways that you can take advantage of to start earning yourself some extra money using your front lawn.

5 Ways to turn your front yard into a business

It doesn’t get any more simple than a kids' lemonade stand. If you have kids or even teenagers, you can easily…

According to Discover Magazine, besides death by domestic cats (1.3–4 billion deaths annually), the leading cause of bird deaths is by flying into a window (up to 1 billion deaths annually). As concerned humans, there has to be a way to decrease this death toll and start saving some of these birds’ lives. Today is the day to discover how to prevent continuous collisions between birds and your windows and have a better peace of mind.

Six effective ways to prevent birds from colliding into your windows

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After hearing the story of fun and scary moments at a haunted boat ride experience along the backyard of single-family homes in a suburban neighborhood, you may wonder, “what the dickens! How in God’s name did they pull that off?” Well, with a team of business-minded individuals, support from the neighborhood, and people who enjoy a little scare in their lives, this haunted boat ride became a success.

How was a haunted boat road along a canal in the neighbors' backyard created?

Miso Robotics is the creator of Flippy, the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant. Considered for the kitchen of the future, Flippy is a robotic arm that uses AI technology to automate continuous operations to perfectly fry, grill, and serve food throughout the restaurant and prepared food industries. By adding Flippy to the kitchen, team members of restaurants can now focus more of their attention on other matters, such as customer service experiences, and properly assisting delivery partner drivers.

How much capital have Miso Robotics raised as of May 4, 2021

Currently, according to Miso Robotics, the company has raised exactly $21,691,814 towards the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant.

Miso Robotics…

Corporate attorney, and managing and name partner of Litt Wheeler Williams Bennet, Louis Marlowe Litt, was up a gum tree with a fourth-year associate, Stephanie Patel. She developed hard feelings from a sexually offensive comment by Louis that was said to her in front of the firm’s associates. She decided to sue Louis for sexual harassment. He could not allow this to happen - it would ruin his reputation. He was willing to do just about whatever it took to make this lawsuit go away. He succeeded, but how? …

Is Apple Inc. the big bad monster after its new iOS 14.5 update? Or are they the good guys? With a new iOS privacy change, Facebook and other apps can take a significant financial hit. Consumers now have the option upon entering an app to safeguard their information from app developers looking to learn their specific online behaviors for future personalized ads. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg states that Apple is one of their biggest competitors, this iOS 14.5 …

As traditionally, incandescent light bulbs were standard in homes. The thin glass and fragile bulb, which produced 90% heat and only 10% light, was energy insufficient. Not only so, but it also posed a fire risk and was very hot to the touch - a dangerous way of emitting light in homes and businesses as well.

However, LED lights became a popular alternative light source in 2008, and in 2019, they became the primary source of lighting. LED light bulbs are both more energy-efficient and safer than incandescent light bulbs and last a lot longer as well. As a result…

As beginning private equity firms, and future LPs, consider future endeavors, there is much to learn about private equity firms. The list is extensive, of course, but recently, a new term has gained popularity - ‘continuation funds.’ Private equity firms buying assets from themselves is a strategy worth understanding because its benefits allow PE firms to hold on to their assets longer, creating tremendous opportunities for every party involved.

Why do private equity firms buy continuation funds from themselves?

What is a continuation fund?

LPs expect a return on their investment in 10 years, typically the lifespan of portfolio assets. Continuation funds give investors of…

On April 26, 2021, Thoma Bravo announced the acquisition of the cybersecurity company Proofpoint for an outstanding $12.3 billion. Lately, Thoma Bravo has been building a cloud software vendor portfolio, making Proofpoint the third billion-dollar cloud software vendor acquired in the last two years. As it appears, a top ten private equity firm has its sites on cloud software acquisitions. With the well-documented track record of success by Thoma Bravo, we can focus our sites on the cloud software market as an investment and perhaps consider Proofpoint a cybersecurity company to safeguard our enterprises safely.

5 Things you should know about the Thoma Bravo aquisition of Proofpoint

When it comes to the top equity firms throughout the land, we can determine positions by total assets under management. In this article, we’ll take a look at five equity firms in the United States that have earned the highest total assets under management (AUM) stats.

Top 5 equity firms in the United States

The Blackstone Group, Inc

The Carlyle Group, Inc

KKR & Co., Inc

TPG Capital

Warburg Pincus, LLC

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