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Jason Dickson
The author of What If We Could Look up into the Sky and Witness Heaven in Real-Time?

Flat butts are ok. God gave it to you, so, somehow, use it to your advantage. Saggy butts are ok as well. Why not? Who cares what people say? Live life to the fullest. Butt lifter pants can give you a bubble butt appearance. Is that what you want?

5 HOT butt lifter pants you can buy on Amazon

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In my opinion, Pharrell Williams looks very ill. In a recent photo of the multi-Grammy Award-winning music producer, Pharrell appears as if his face is falling off of his skull, like chicken off of a bone. Maybe there is some type of illness going on with the 48-year-old producer that he is keeping a secret. I hope not because we can definitely use more of his producing skills to keep us entertained.

Here are two recent photos of Pharrell Williams. Am I accurate? He does look sick, correct?

Kyrie Irving went down with an ankle injury on June 13, 2021, as a Brooklyn Net.

After watching highlights of the Milwaukie Bucks and Brooklyn Nets game with Earnie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith on TNT’s NBA Tip-Off, Shaq predicts how long Kyrie Irving will be out. After getting injured in game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals in the first half of play and not returning in the second, Kyrie Irving’s injury seemed serious.

Shaquille O’Neal went on record during NBA Tip-Off before game 4 of the Pheonix Suns and Denver Nuggets game and unofficially said that Kyrie Irving would be out two weeks. We all know that Shaquille Oneal is arguably…

I’ve researched Roblox and have found a website that lists the top Roblox games. These Roblox games have been considered as the most fun to play. Why visit my blog versus the site where I got the list of too Roblox games? Well, because in my blog, I also give you a few tips on how to enhance your Roblox gaming experience. How about that?

Five of the best Roblox games to play

Click here for 5 more top Roblox games.

If you’re looking for more info on these games, this is not the place to find…

I like maintenance crews that if they’re moving something out of an apartment, they are doing so quietly. I also like a maintenance crew that cleans up after themselves after a job. Well, unfortunately, a new maintenance crew, for a 30-year-old apartment complex that has been bought out, is much worse than the previous crew, and it sucks so far.

Sitting in the living room of my mother’s apartment somewhere in Woodbridge, Va, a family recently moved out across the hall. The maintenance crew has work to do in the apartment, and boy, are they noisy. …

After waking up from a nap, an idea came to mind. Well, I kind of was in the process of becoming a chicken before escaping my sleep. I thought to myself, what if I experienced getting my head chopped off during every sleep cycle, every single night? How terrifying would that be, and how many of us go through similar terrifying nightmares every night?

If, consistently, my spirit jumped into a chicken during a nightmare and a farmer prepared me to get my head cut off, and I had to experience that freight up until the head chop off finale…

Can we live in heaven on earth?

We live our lives, and in many instances, we enjoy our lives. However, while we are in our precious moments, bad guys are watching our every move. Why? So they can find out how we’re enjoying our lives to live those same type of lives or pass them down to someone in their families. Once they have us all figured out, our lives change; what once made us happy or how we became happy has been stolen. Many of us are now angered as a result. We then discover what happened to cause us unhappiness. Some of us discover that…

I’m excited to visit my family (mom and son) in Woodbridge, Va, after taking a 2-month vacation in Orlando, Florida. I want to drive, but an Enterprise car rental station in Orlando disallows renting a car with a debit card, and I do not have a credit card. So I’m having trouble with renting a car. It appears that I’ll have to fly home.

I chose Frontier Airlines. I booked a week in advance, and the ticket initially cost $97 and taxes. But what I didn’t know is that the initial price didn’t include the seat or the bags. I…

I like to write in the dining room. This is where a window sits about 12 feet away within the living room. The neighbors across the street have roughly 12 people in the house; someone there is always hanging out or coming out to discover what is going on. One of my roommates claims that the neighbors are into illegal activities. I think they’re paranoid.

I reside in Orlando, Florida; it’s currently springtime. The weather of 2021 has been really incredible - comfortable winds and a warm sun. We (me and my roommates) usually keep the curtains, and the window…

Jason Dickson

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