My New Comedy Show Debuts on Instagram. My Hope Is that Viewers Get It.

Comedy has always been a part of my DNA. Throughout grade school, students recognized me as the class clown. I’m not proud of this title, but now that I’m older, I recognized that I was a value to students growing up.

Still funny as an adult, minus moments throughout my long stretched depression caused by the military, I manage to put laughs and smiles on the people’s faces in many places I go throughout the United States: Utah, Arkansas, Florida, New York, the list goes on. Traveling isn’t what I do often, but I do manage to visit various states with friends and family for the sake of recreation.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about creating a comedy show for years, but I never got down to doing it. So many ideas come to mind, but really, either I didn’t have the time, or I just had too many other things to focus on, like family, writing, employment or girlfriend. Fortunately, the pandemic hit and so time was allotted. Quarantined for months and months, being the workaholic that I am, I decided to put a comedy show together. With limited money in my pocket, I took about $50 to make the show happen and so it happened.

It is funny in my opinion, but unfortunately at this time I haven’t gotten any reviews. I have gotten a couple more followers and a few likes to my Instagram page, but they are as few as 5. Lol! Does this mean that people don’t like it? No. Sometimes people just aren’t on your side and they cannot show their connection to a guy that appears to be on another planet or in an alternate universe. It could mess up their money, and I surely wouldn’t stand in the way of that. I respect that. Knowing that I put in countless hours and hard work to make this show happen, I’m confident that it is at least a decent show to feast your eyes on.

I personally think it is extremely creative. It includes a mixture of popular characters of your favorite comedy sitcoms: Martin and Sandford and Son, just to name a few, with features of their most recognized signatures that made them famous: Martin’s “What’s Up” and Fred’s “This is the Big One”. You can even see the main character in my show imitating these signatures in his own style. Very funny!

You’ll get famous original lines from the main character that will stick with you for eternity, such as “How am I going to get a haircut now, If I’m on the run for the police”. And, “This is not a robbery, I just want you to hook a brotha up”. Lol! Very funny stuff!

Because I have a music background, I also include various popular musical pieces of hip hop, R&B and even Country: “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, “What Up” by 50 cent and even the Jumanji theme song by Jack Black. There are also original pieces in the show written and produced by yours truly. Very entertaining show. You can even see Mickey Mouse in the show. Lol! If you wonder, no I do not own the right to Mickey Mouse or any of the songs that aren’t mine, but the show isn’t for sale. It’s strict to your free viewership and to entertain you on my dollar and my dollar only.

Now getting the show (understanding it) may be a little difficult for some of us. It includes titles such as “Hooking a Brotha Up” and “New Attitude”. Some may claim that it is over their head or out of their range. I can see that as being possible, as I personally have been through a lot in my life, and have used my brain to think extensively about matters concerning the very world that we all live in. Some of the jokes may not hit home for some, but some of the jokes will. But, fortunately, through my creative spirit and concern for my viewers, I worked strenuously to ensure that I connect with various audiences, no matter what their level is when it comes to comedy. I do hope that you understand at least half of the show.

Have a look and enjoy every second. So much work was put into every episode that you watch. The shows are roughly 5 minutes a piece and created by yours truly. Don’t be shy, even if you think I’m not your type of person that you’d deal with on a regular, just give it a shot, and you do not have to click the like button if you do not want to, of course, but just be entertained. I hope you understand it and you learn a lot while laughing your head off.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

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