The Dangers of an Electrical Panel and How to Maintain It

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Any home or workplace with an electrical panel is vulnerable to various risks such as…

  • Electric shock — If excessive power flows through electrical wires, it can cause wire meltdowns. And if you come into contact with overloaded wires, you’ll likely experience an electrical shock. This shock can definitely cause serious injuries and some can be fatal. Furthermore, this excessive electrical flow can cause…
  • Fires
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Signs that your electrical panel needs repair or replacement

  • Constant buzzing — When the electrical panel produces sounds that are far from normal there is a problem. Constant buzzing noises signifies that a repair or a replacement of the panel is needed, likely there is an overload. Please do not ignore the buzz because it can definitely lead to a regrettable accident.
  • Flickering light — This problem occurs when there is a poor connection. The moment that a flickering light is noticed, notify a professional immediately and refrain from trying to fix the problem yourself. You will definitely expose yourself to danger.

Generally, most electrical panel dangers can be avoided if you do proper maintenance such as…

Note: Always ensure that the main power is cut to your electrical panel before inspecting.

  • Check on overloading — Overloading is the most dangerous problem. Keep maintaining your electrical panel from time to time to catch the problem before it is too late. Buzzing and sparks near the service panel are signs of overloading.
  • Cleaning the electric panel — Cleaning is an important maintenance aspect of your electrical panel. It will definitely help clear moisture or any other hazardous chemical interferences with your electric panel functioning. Moisture and hazardous chemicals can lead to shock and fires.
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